Hulk Thor: Ragnarok

Whats Happening With Hulk in the MCU?

This week we learnt about a conversation that happened between Mark Ruffalo who plays Bruce Banner and Kevin Feige the man behind the MCU, in which they discussed what a Hulk movie could look like and would entail in the current cinematic universe. Ruffalo revealed that he was pulled aside to get his input on how Banners story could potentially progress and Feige loved his ideas, this conversation obviously happened a long time ago and as a result the Hulk will have a typical movie arc divided and distributed between the next three big Marvel productions of Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers 3, and Avengers 4. There are two main reasons for the Green Goliath s story to be told this way, first Universal have a shared custody of the characters film rights with Disney/Marvel, and second being Hulk works better when isn’t the solo lead and instead surrounded by other strong characters.

So what does this mean we can expect to see going forward? Well we know that Thor: Ragnarok has adapted the Planet Hulk story line from the comics and will be the beginning of his three-film arc, so if you know much about the Planet Hulk story naturally the step would be World War Hulk. That story sees the titular character return to Earth having suffered unspeakable tragedies to take revenge on those who sent him to Planet Hulk in the first place, the problem with this being it was a small group within the Avengers that called themselves the Illuminati.

Why is that a problem? Well we dont actually know how Hulk reached the planet Sakaar yet, the last time he appeared on screen was in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he hijacked a Quinjet, possibly flying himself there. The Illuminati also dont seem very likely due to not having had any setup or teases in the MCU so far, additionally most of the characters that comprise the group are either not yet introduced or owned by other studios. I wouldn’t count on seeing another Avenger v Avenger movie so soon after Captain America: Civil War either which would again be the case if Marvel went the World War Hulk route, ideally the characters will be focused on the threat at hand with Thanos on his way.

What could we be getting then? Ruffalo also mentioned that there could be a bit of separation going on between the two individuals of Banner and Hulk which begins with Hulk starting to speak. So at some point during the next three movies what if somehow Thanos, The Black Order, or even an infinity stone manage to split the pair in some way, killing one, breaking them into two beings, or stealing Hulk from Banner. Could make for an ironic twist to see the two suffer from separation anxiety while trying to get back to one another.