The Gifted Episode 3

‘The Gifted’ Episode 3 Review/Recap

As the focal characters of the show have split apart and the episode bounces between their three stories I will cover the episodes arc for each group one at a time for clarity.

Mutant Underground / Strucker Family

Agreeing that they need to break Lorna out of prison and Blink being their best bet of getting in and out safely, Thunderbird begins to train her as she appears to have almost no control over her abilities. Caitlin who still has faith in the system and preferring to fight without actual battles suggests a more law abiding method of freeing Lorna, by going through the correct political channels using her contacts, lawyers, and congress but is shut down by the rest of the group who no longer trust the government and are afraid of the exposure.

During Blinks training Thunderbird explains tapping into positive emotions are the key to reliably controlling her powers, unfortunately it seems she has only ever been fueled by her fear. Dreamer, a mutant with the ability to manipulate peoples memories wants to speed up the training process by giving Blink an artificial history to draw on but is denied by Thunderbird who doesn’t want to take short cuts because he knows there can be side effects.

Adamant to try things her way, Caitlin and the kids visit her brother to gain information on Reed and see what political connections they have available. Caitlin’s nephew accidentally lets word get out that she and the kids are at his house resulting in an angry mob with guns arriving at the house demanding the mutants turn themselves over. Luckily Thunderbird noticed long ago that the Strucker’s had left the mutant compound and followed them with Eclipse, after Andy literally blows the front door off its hinges (and to pieces) the group make a quick escape but are pursued by the mob.

Dreamer desperate to help the group escape from the mob ignores Thunderbird’s earlier warnings and manipulates Blink into using her powers through the use of her own. While Blink is able to successfully open a portal to save everyone without any casualties on either side, the side effects of Dreamer’s actions are yet to be known, but Thunderbird is definitely concerned.

At a secret rendezvous Caitlin’s brother confirms Reed and Lorna are still alive but being held at a top secret mutant detention center, he also provides her with access to a remote cabin he owns.

Reed Strucker / Sentinel Services

Having agreed on terms of compliance in the previous episode, Reed now intends to follow through and work with agent Turner in capturing the Mutant Underground to ensure his families safety. While tracing back the steps he took to first make contact with Eclipse, the pair realize that the bartender was working with the mutants and possibly a their way back into the network. After putting out a fake wanted notice to make it look like he escaped and being fixed with a tracking device Reed is sent to act his way back into the organization, leading Sentinel Services right to them in the process. However experiencing compassion from a mother daughter fugitive mutant duo also making their way into hiding, Reed’s conscience gets the best of him, forcing him to leap from a moving vehicle to get the agency off their back but breaking the terms of his agreement with Turner.

Agent Turner receives a call from Roderick Campbell offering a partnership that Turner turns down, for now…

Lorna Dane aka Polaris

The episode opened on a flashback possibly depicting the moment Polaris and Eclipse became romantically involved. In present day, Lorna still in solitary confinement is approached by agent Turner, he asks for her assistance in locating and capturing her friends in the Mutant Underground which she refuses.

Still adamant on escaping Lorna decides to give her powers another go with the control collar still on, fighting through the pain she is able to rip the door of her sell open but does some serious harm to herself in the process. She is found unconscious with a severe nosebleed in the hallway by a prison guard.


Honestly this week it was like the writers were attempting to tick things off a list that they think the characters need to have tried, which caused the episode to feel like a filler to me although it wasn’t. That is not what I was hoping for with such a short season, not to say there wasn’t any great moments, character development, or setup done, there was just a lot that felt redundant.

We already know Caitlin is idealistic, believes in the system, and loves her family. We already know Andy cant really control his emotions and in tern his powers. We already now Reed is actually a good guy, we’ve already seen him be nice and help mutants. Lorna was already offered a deal and turned it down, she already tried her powers (twice) and got punished. Get on with the story or find smarter ways of reinforcing what has already established and understood by the audience.

Despite how the refugees were used in the episode it was good to see the consistency of the Mutant Underground in their effort to help people, three episodes in and so far onscreen they have helped Blink, the Strucker family, and now the mother/daughter who Reed let escape. Too often in shows you will see an organization with an agenda introduced but see their main focus sidelined, not addressed, or weaved into the story as they focus on whatever the problem is at hand.

Based on the lesson Thunderbird was trying to teach Blink about focusing on strong positive feelings and memories to gain control over their powers, I would like to think that the episodes opening flashback is the memory Polaris focused on while briefly overcoming the control collar. It was a great consistent theme throughout the episode that was touched on by several characters to varying degrees and effect including Blink, Andy, and possibly Polaris. Polaris at one end of the spectrum, Blink manipulated to that same side, and Andy stating how he cant control it, it just happens, which we know is almost whenever he gets angry.

I do appreciate how Thunderbird’s powers always seem to be on, hes always alert, incorporating his abilities to create an interesting of learning that the Strucker family had left the compound rather than the typical and easy alternative of somebody seeing their beds empty in the morning and asking where they are.

I am still enjoying the show and I’m looking forward to see what sinister plan Roderick Campbell has cooking up for when he finally teams with Sentinel Services.

Catch the next episode on Fox Monday October 23rd in the US, and Tuesday October 24th in Australia. Check the trailer for next weeks episode here: