‘The Gifted’ Episode 2 rX Review/Recap

As the focal characters of the show have split apart and the episode bounces between their three stories I will cover the episodes arc for each group one at a time for clarity.

Mutant Underground / Strucker Family

The episode opens with a flashback of the Strucker family out bowling, in the middle of their game they see a young mutant girl being picked on in public.  She accidentally uses her powers during an emotional outburst causing minor damage but a huge mess, although hes a district attorney Reed understands the situation and let the mutants family off with a warning. He does insist they leave the premises, much to his daughter Lauren’s displeasure as this would have been during the time she was hiding her own powers.

As we snap back to the present the group begin to realize that Reed was captured, as to be expected his family beg to go back but Blink is unconscious, having passed out from the strain caused by opening a portal covering such a large distance for so long.

Thunderbird confronts Eclipse about meeting with, and agreeing to helping the Strucker family on his own which has now put the entire underground organization at risk. The argument is interrupted due to a still unconscious Blink being in physical distress, Caitlin being a nurse with limited mutant experience deduces her nervous system is in shock and requires medical attention, Blinks powers become unstable and begin activating on their own, opening a portal that hurl a speeding car towards the family and underground members in the room. A moment later as they are recovering another portal opens to the exact same location where civilians with guns drawn are about to fire until Lauren steps in and uses her ability to forcibly push the portal closed.

Caitlin and Eclipse have no choice but to leave in search of medical supplies to help Blink, while driving Caitlin pleads that after all is done that the organization stick to the original deal and transport them out of the country to safety to which she doesn’t get a clear answer. The duo visit a rare and very busy mutant friendly hospital, where they use Eclipse’s preexisting wound as an excuse to be treated immediately. After being pulled aside and experiencing some mutant prejudice Caitlin manages to steal some scrubs to pose as nursing staff, having successfully stolen the required supplies the two are pursued by the police but escape after exiting through a door which Eclipse, using his powers welded closed behind them.

Meanwhile back at the hideout Blink unknowingly opens a portal to the same location again, this time the police happen to be on the other side as they were checking out reports of strange mutant activity, before Lauren manages to force the portal shut once again, Thunderbird with his own ability manages to hear the police call in the situation and request reinforcements over the radio. It’s not long before a larger portal opens once again this time with a full SWAT team ready to come through, the portal is too large and powerful for Lauren to close but Andy is able to knock back the advancing SWAT unit and rattle Blink enough for the portal to shut on its own. Unfortunately Blinks powers react by becoming even more unstable tearing open dozens of portals simultaneously that begin to damage the compound.

Eclipse and Caitlin make it back in time to stabilize Blink and her powers with the medical supplies they recovered, once awake Thunderbird asks Blink if there is any reason she kept opening a portal to the same location over and over, she claims to have no idea. Caitlin, heartbroken after learning of Eclipses past and upbringing expresses how proud she is of her children and announces their family will be made whole again.

Reed Strucker

Sentinel Services, still at the family/Eclipse randevu are unsure if the mutants have actually escaped or how far they’ve managed to go and begin to case the area just encase, the incapacitated Reed is informed of his upcoming interrogation by agent Turner and transported to an unknown facility.

The two now alone in an interrogation room, agent Turner begins questioning, threatening, and eventually even bargaining with Reed for information on the mutant underground and his family, as a district attorney he doesn’t back down or give in to the agents demands.

Turner begins to build a case against Reed listing felonies and threatening legal action, realizing its not working he tries to saw Reed by explaining his families history with mutants and how his daughter was a casualty of a vague mutant disaster years ago. With family in mind Turner decides to go after what family of Reeds he has access too, his mother who was introduced at the start of the episode, he plans to use anything he can find on her as leverage to force Reeds cooperation, but it also doesn’t really seem to go anywhere.

In their final conversation Reed explains he sees through the false threats of the Sentinel Services agent and offers his own terms for compliance, the mutant underground and its members for the safety and immunity of his entire family, terms to which agent Turner agrees.

Lorna Dane aka Polaris

Now in the general population area of a mutant capable prison Lorna decides to test her powers while alone in her cell, things dont quite go as planned when she tries to rip the bars off the door as the control collar placed around her neck gives her an intense shock. She is informed by another inmate cross from her that the collars are made custom for each mutant to prohibit the use of their powers, noticeably in a closeup Lorna still has makeup on.

Lorna with a newly painted X on her back begins to make enemies in prison while assessing her situation and the other inmates. While showering and removing her makeup, her black hair dye washes out revealing her natural green hair and presumably her identity as Polaris to the other surprised inmates.

Polaris approaches a pale skinned mutant she spotted sitting alone earlier to suggest working together in order to remove the collars and attempt an escape but instead her offer is rejected and she is told to stay away as life inside is hard enough without causing trouble.

Later in the courtyard Polaris has a run in and upsets the group of inmates in charge of the prison, and although they have been informed of her pregnancy begin to beat her anyway. Able to use her powers for a moment before the collar kicks shocking her, Lorna defends herself by throwing a metal table at the leader of the group, pinning her against the fence. The guards finally intervene, break up the fight, and drag Lorna off to solitary confinement as punishment for using her powers.

Roderick Campbell

The episode ends in a lab where unknown scientists are looking into mutant siblings and an incident in Rio De Janeiro during the 1960s, the lead scientist Campbell explains he needs to speak with the lead agent at Sentinel Services.


Two episodes in the show seems to be holding together fairly nicely, hopefully the pace will start to pick up now that the board is almost set, it’s only a 10 episode series so there shouldn’t be any filler similar to the Marvel Netflix series which typically run for 13. I’m hoping we can get past the repetitive office interrogations and super generic prison story/scenes a lot sooner rather than later as that feels like whats slowing us down at the moment, and also please address Polaris’ parentage!

The opening flashback was a nice reminder about how things were, it showed that Reed isn’t heartless, conveyed the difficulty that Lauren suffered through and the fun she had while keeping her powers secret, but it was also a subtle way to introduce Reed’s mother for later in the episode. Really happy to see Fox haven’t skimped on the budget after the pilot and were getting a good amount of quality effects throughout the episodes.

Catch the next episode on Fox Monday October 16th in the US, and Tuesday October 17th in Australia. Check the trailer for next weeks episode here: