‘The Gifted’ Episode 1 eXposed Recap/Review

Last night we took our first step into the oppressive world of ‘The Gifted’ where mutants that manifest powers are hunted, persecuted, and imprisoned by Sentinel Services and government agencies. Fortunately there is an underground network of free mutants that have avoided or escaped capture constantly working to help mutant refugees and fugitives.

We pick up with Blink (Jamie Chung) on the run having escaped from a mutant detention center, fortunately before the police close in members of the mutant underground Thunderbird (Blair Redford), Eclipse (Sean Teale), and Polaris (Emma Dumont) locate her. As the group make their escape Eclipse is wounded and during an outburst of anger Polaris is apprehended. After being imprisoned Polaris is questioned by district attorney Reed Strucker (Stephen Moyer) as to the whereabouts of the mutants hideout, which even after being informed of her pregnancy refuses to answer.

Meanwhile Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Andy Reed (Percy Hynes White) attend the school dance where, due to the emotional distress inflicted by a group of bullies Andy’s mutant abilities manifest causing him to nearly destroy the school before Lauren intervenes and unveils the fact that shes been hiding her own mutant abilities. The pair make their way home to an awkward conversation with their Mother (Amy Acker) about the fact they are both mutants but are interrupted when Sentinel Services arrive to take the children resulting in the family having to make a daring getaway.

Reed uses information from a case he was building to get in contact with Eclipse, he offers information on Polaris’ situation and whereabouts in exchange for securing his families safety which the pair agree on. Jace Turner (Body Bell) and his team from Sentinel Services unexpectedly crash the meeting between the Reed family and underground members who frantically rush to escape after having a group of Sentinel machines set loose on them. The mutants each use their unique abilities to hold back the Sentinels while Blink does her best to teleport the entire group to a safe location, saving everyone except Reed who is shot as the portal closes.

Overall the episode was a nice introduction to the main characters and the world they inhabit, and the visual effects and design feel more than adequate for a network television series. Some of the dialogue was a bit off, especially some of Lauren’s lines which felt like a middle aged man trying to write how he thinks a teenage girl would speak. The story didn’t progress as far or quickly as I had hoped for and while I think the episode moved at an alright pace, due to all the promotional footage covering story beats from this first episode it creates the illusion of dragging because every other scene is just filling in the blanks. Going into the episode, as with most things would certainly be a better experience had I not been eXposed to so much marketing, including the first 6 minutes of the episode which Fox released last week. Regardless I am content with the Bryan Singer directed pilot and very interested to see what else The Gifted has in store.

The next episode on Fox Monday October 9th in the US, and Tuesday October 10th in Australia. Check the trailer for next weeks episode here: