Supergirl Psi 302

‘Supergirl’ Triggers Review

Supergirl as a show has been guilty of mishandling its villains in the past and I’m certain that many people will point fingers at last nights episode being another one of those times. While I do agree that Psi is definitely another underdeveloped throwaway, I dont feel that it was a bad decision to use her that way because of where Kara has been emotionally. She is slowing coming to terms with Mon-El’s fate and getting back to her old self, using filler episodes like this to address how brutal its been on her is great for character development. A big complaint I have with The Flash is how major issues once resolved only have consequences that last for about an episode if any at all, the Girl of Steel while almost as fast as the Scarlet Speeder is thankfully taking things a bit slower.

One character who we know for sure will not be underdeveloped is Samantha Arias, the show is taking its time to make sure we know who she is and where shes going. Placing Sam in the Alex’s path last episode and running into her again after the wrecking ball incident felt so forced compared to how smoothly they guided her into position with Lena and Kara at CatCo. Payoffs that feel planned out and structured with moving parts like that introduction instill faith that the writers know what they are doing.

With the wedding planning in full swing for Alex and Maggie’s upcoming marriage lets hope that it continues to be a source of levity for the show, moments like John explaining why a DJ is better than a band would be welcome in any normal circumstance but are highlighted all the more when contrasted with the gloom that surrounds Kara. Winn is typically another source of humor and positivity but has been left at the wayside since his partnership with Guardian last season, hopefully as the tone gradually lightens Winn can spend a bit more time in the spotlight.

Workplace competition has its place and can be pretty entertaining especially if the people going head to head have different skill sets, I have my fingers crossed that’s where they are going with James and Lena, anything but the two of them getting together.

A couple of plot holes this week with nobody seeming to acknowledge Supergirl put a huge hole in the CatCo elevator and roof of the building, Winn’s psychic blocker seemed to do absolutely nothing but then once apprehended Psi was wearing the headgear, and is it just me or is John a really bad psychic, everyone seems to be the new strongest psychic hes ever encountered.

It wasn’t until the flashback of Kara leaving Krypton that I noticed Erica Durance who played Lois Lane in Smallville had replaced the actress previously playing Kara’s mother.

A much lighter tone but still on par with last weeks episode 7/10.

Catch the next episode on The CW Monday October 23th in the US, and the day after in Australia. Watch the trailer for next weeks episode here: