‘Supergirl’ Season 3 Episode 1 Review/Recap

The season premiere titled “Girl of Steel” opens on a daydreaming Kara imagining being back on Krypton with her mother and Mon-El. Interrupted by the sounds of a highway pursuit by the DEO Supergirl assists in stopping the vehicles and preventing anyone from harm, but the mercenary manages to escape. Still grieving the loss of her partner Mon-El Kara has thrown herself into her work as Supergirl and neglected her human life as Kara Danvers, even towards her close friends and family she is dismissive, clinical, and overly serious, even passing up offers of free food which is a huge red flag.

During a meeting of National Cities elite, big time real estate mogul Morgan Edge attempts to push his agenda of wiping out low income housing areas to make place for high end luxury accommodations. After a combined push back from Lena Luther and Jimmy Olsen he attempts to undermine and discredit them in front of their peers. Cat Grant still absent from her company is now working as White House Press Secretary, with James left in charge he confronts Kara on her overdue interview with Supergirl which she is less than happy about. In an effort to further undermine those publicly speaking out against him, Edge has made a play to purchase the rest of CatCo after secretly buying shares. To save the company Kara enlists the help of Lena, who she hopes can appeal to and convince Edge to stop his takeover of the media outlet.

That night the whole crew sans Kara and Lena are at the bar listening to the heroic feats of Supergirl being reported on a television and each being to express their growing frustration and concern at Kara’s halted emotional state. Stressed from planning their wedding and concerned for her sister Alex upsets her fiance Maggie.

After identifying the military man turned mercenary from the pursuit as Robert Debois aka Bloodsport, Winn tries to access information from the server on Debois’ old military base but realizes its been hacked. Supergirl leaves immediately to investigate and finds the base buildings are lined with led and the guards unconscious, inside Bloodsport is piloting a Daxamite warship which he seems to abandon while Kara is distracted tending to a down soldier.

James using his emergency beeper to draw her attention confronts Kara once again about her now missed deadline, furious at James and unwilling to devote time to her less meaningful human responsibilities Kara quits her hard earned job as a reporter at CatCo.

Realizing that he has been collecting parts during each of his appearances, Winn, Alex, and John determine that Bloodsport intends to retrofit an aircraft with undetectable stealth technology to hold the city at ransom.

Lena visits Edge in an attempt to follow through on her promise to Kara, although unsuccessful in persuading him she does learn his plan to use the outlet to publicly defame his enemies and promote his own agenda, after the encounter the audience also Edge is Bloodsport’s employer.

Having learnt from James that Kara quit her job Alex now takes a turn in confronting her, the two have a heated argument where Kara explains her human life as Kara Danvers was a mistake and that she plans on embracing who she is as Supergirl and a Kryptonian. As she denounces life as Kara Danvers Alex pleads for her to not close that door as Kara is her favorite person.

Overlooking the ‘Girl of Steel’ statue unveiling John finally takes a turn in getting through to Kara, while not completely successful he relates to her situation and does a far better job than the rest., while below in the crowd Alex and Maggie console one another and make amends. During the ceremony a missile is fired at the waterfront from a submarine sending the attendees into panic, the team rush to locate it but are unable, through concentrating on he hearing (just as she was doing at the start of the episode) Supergirl is able to locate and disarm the vessel. In the chaos of the attack a portion of collapsed stage traps a young girl who is rescued by her super strong mother capable of single handedly moving the debris.

To save CatCo and potentially her own skin Lena buys the media outlet herself and asks for Kara for help as she knows nothing about running a media empire. Upset, Edge makes an appearance in Lena’s office where he is confronted by Supergirl who knows he was behind the events at the statue unveiling and Bloodsport’s employer. As a form of punishment she leaves him stranded on top a shipping container several hours out from National City, as Supergirl makes her way back to the city we catch a glimpse of another Daxamite ship sitting at the ocean floor.

The episode appears to be ending on a warm note with Alex asking John to walk her down the isle and give her away at the wedding, and finally Kara rejoining her friends at the bar for the first time in a while. Cut to the superhuman mother from the ceremony earlier that day who has a horrifying nightmare of Kara’s mother on Krypton.

Honestly a very enjoyable episode, more than enough going on to stay interesting, a bit more serious than usual but appropriate for the themes and story points coupled with valid explanations, not entirely void of humor thanks to Winn and some welcome cameos from Cat Grant. Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) and David Harewood (Martian Manhunter) were both fantastic throughout and especially during their dramatic scenes, even when she is moody Kara is at her best when she is confident and smart. Kara’s arc was wonderful this episode but possibly a bit rushed, I just hope they dont brush it aside too quickly and continue to explore her identity crisis. An unpredictable contained story with Bloodsport, some setup for the rest of the season with Morgan Edge, the mysterious strong mother, and another crashed ship teaser definitely makes the episode worth a watch 7/10.

Catch the next episode on The CW Monday October 16th in the US, and the day after in Australia. Watch the trailer for next weeks episode here: