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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 7 Magic Review

While watching most series that have a through line or overarching story you will encounter bottle and filler episodes, they usually feature a pretty limited cast, are set in an enclosed area, and spend the episode focused on some dramatic element to do with the characters. This is usually either to cover the cost of the big season finales and extravagant special effects, or because there simply isn’t enough meat in the main story to cover the episode count. Understandably it can be pretty disappointing when you run into one of these episodes in a show with a big budget and small series order.

However while this was a contained story, it was still a fairly good, fun, and unusually lighthearted episode with some cool CGI. Even Mudd’s repeated killing of Lorca was ironic and humorous in its own right due to Mudd utilizing Lorca’s personal armory of exotic weapons against him. Additionally the spore drive has been toned down in its scary factor as the now lively and outgoing Stamets can engage it via an implant on his arm thanks to his partner doctor Culber.

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad was like watching an ever-changing puzzle being solved, with Stamets being the one shifting the pieces around the board and keeping Mudd at bay, I do wish the episode spent more time showing us his point of view.

Once again the Klingons were not featured and the likelihood of Tyler being more than he seems increases, especially as he grows closer to Burnham.

Stream the next episode on CBS All Access Sunday November 5th in the US, and on Netflix Monday November 6th in Australia.