Star Trek Lethe Lorca Tyler

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 6 Lethe Review

While this weeks episode was by all means pretty good, I honestly found myself disconnected after it pulled away from the slightly more grounded and scientific standard that I was expecting. As somebody who has only dabbled with watching Trek shows in the past, it was the more magical elements of the Vulcan Katra that caused me to check out. I was also rather disappointed we didn’t see too much in the way of Stamets outside of the unusually free-spirited scientific exposition scene, what was up with the freaky delayed reflection last week? Was it just a nod to the mirror Universe?

On the plus side I was interested to gain insight into Michael Burnham by experiencing more of the culture she was raised in, including its xenophobic upper class and logic extremist group. I did find humor in how typically Vulcan Sarek was about keeping his emotions in check when confronted by Burnham, opposed to Admiral Cornwell stating the Vulcan at Starfleet Command nearly had a fit in response to Lorca disregarding orders.

The direction that Discovery has chosen to go with Lorca continues to deviate farther off course than any Star Trek show has ever gone before with its captains and its been great so far. I’m finding myself just about sold on him being an entirely evil character, after all people who believe what they are doing is for the greater good often make for the best villains. He has most certainly proven himself manipulative what with doing something shady every single episode, but beyond that we’ve begun to explore just how ruthless he is. Sacrificing his former crew, making his former security officer feel the need to put her life in danger resulting in her death, leaving Harry Mudd behind on the Klingon prison vessel, and now positioning Cornwell into what he would surely have suspected to be a trap and backing away behind the convenience of protocol. The dude obviously has no compassion or value for life.

However, far more interesting than Lorca being evil is the situation with Ash Tyler, the new head of security. An interesting fan theory has popped up that after this episode seems to be gaining credibility, I don’t want to spoil anything here so I will provide a  link to an outlet that has covered it.

I myself have been less receptive to the Klingons that I had hoped to be upon starting the show, but if the fan theory proves to be true and Kol can play a more straight forward villain I will be content.

Stream the next episode on CBS All Access Sunday October 29th in the US, and on Netflix Monday October 30th in Australia.