Legends of Tomorrow

Spoilers for Martin Stein on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Victor Garber who plays Martin Stein, one half of firestorm is reported to be leaving the show, the actor will be returning to Broadway to star in the production of Hello Dolly!

Coincidentally last night in the season 3 premier, his character was reluctant to rejoin the Legends team after learning hes becoming a grandfather thanks to his time aberration daughter Lily having her own child on the way. After being pushed into one more mission Stein understands how much his Firestorm partner Jax loves the lifestyle of being a superhero and a Legend, which is ironic because Martin forced him into the life during the shows pilot by essentially abducting him.

Even though the writers seem to have planned ahead and written the actors departure into the show with a season spanning arc, with Stein leaving its still unclear what this could mean for Jax as the two need to combine into Firestorm on a weekly basis to prevent either one of the duo from going nuclear. The two most likely scenarios being either the pair both retire from the Legends, or (this is what I’m expecting) Stein is able to transfer his half of the Firestorm matrix into another character, who will then accompany Jax and the rest of the team in the future.

Lets not forget actor Robbie Amell, who played the original Firestorm Ronnie Raymond on The Flash went through a similar process, unable to commit to Legends of Tomorrow his character was killed off to make room for Jax.

Catch the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow on The CW Tuesday October 17th in the US, and a day later in Australia.