Legends of Tomorrow

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 3 Episode 1 Review/Recap

Continuing from where we left off the Legends are marveling at the catastrophic mess they have made of time having crashed in 2017 Los Angeles which is littered with things from all throughout time. Rip appears and intervenes before a T-Rex makes a meal of the team to explain he has set up an organisation to replace the Time Masters and deal with these anachronisms, while from their perspective he has only been separated from the Legends for fifteen minutes, forming the Time Bureau Agency has taken him five years. He explains agents from the Bureau are working throughout time to restore things to their rightful place and making sure nobody retains any memory of incorrect events, with things under control the team that he formed is no longer required and the Legends are relieved from duty.

Six month pass and the Legends each try to return to normalcy, Sara has a mundane job at Sink Shower & Stuff where she dreams of killing her boss, Ray works in Silicone Valley for Upswipz a dating app company where his boss is an idiot, Nate who is no longer dating Amaya has teamed up with Wally West aka Kid Flash in Central City to do some vigilante work, and Mick on a beach in Aruba is approached by the Julius Caesar. Mick contacts Sara to find out what to do with Caesar who is an anachronism, prompting Sara to quit her job and gather Ray and Nate hoping that if they handle the problem Rip will reinstate the team.

Using a time agents badge that Sara stole a while back the three break into the Star City office of the Bureau where they are met with force and hostility until Rip appears to defuse the situation. Nate confronts Rip about Amaya returning to 1942 believing him responsible for their breakup, this was not the case she just wanted to go home to Zambesi. The Legends explain their reason for intruding which surprises everyone at the Bureau, some even not believing the their claims of Caesars displacement due to not detecting any abnormal time activity. A tour of the Bureau concludes with discovering that the Waverider has been turned into a training simulator that teaches agents to handle the Legends old missions with more finesse than they crudely did themselves.

The Bureau locates Mick who is brawling with Caesar by following a trail of larceny reports, as Caesar attempts to escape two agents are dispatched who make the situation worse and secure Caesars escape. His faith diminished and the Agency agitated Rip dismisses the Legends who decide to hijack the Waverider to fix their own mistakes, unfortunately the ship has fallen into disrepair and is only able to jump 3 minutes into the future, Nate directs the team to Central City as he knows a great mechanic there.

Jax meets Stein to inform him that hes dropped out of school but is shocked to learn Lily, Steins daughter who has been on sabbatical is pregnant. As the two are conversing the rest of the Legends arrive much to the excitement of Jax, who pushes a reluctant Stein into another adventure.

Back in Aruba the team spot Caesar giving a speech at a beach party, Sara declares powers are off-limits to prevent the anachronism getting any worse, Ray cleverly uses his dating app to clear out the frat party while Sara kicks Caesars ass. Once back aboard the Waverider with the future conqueror in tow, Rip appears via hologram insisting that the Legends return the ship and Caesar to the Bureau after which all will be forgiven. The team debate their next move but Sara makes the final decision to return the Waverider, however they are unable to go anywhere until the ship has received additional repairs.

With the ship repaired and after some inspiration from Caesar, Sara changes her mind and decides the Legends will fix time themselves as originally planned. When dropping Caesar off Nate accidentally leaves behind a history book “Rise of Rome”, Caesar uses the information to manipulate historic events and conquer the whole world. The Time Bureau step in to fix things “without the mess” but are caught off guard by a Roman trap resulting in one of their agents being captured and not recovering the book. Reluctantly Rip agrees to let the Legends take another shot, they proceed to take out legions of centurions, recover the book, and save the captured agent who mock their methods.

The anachronism repaired Rip and the Bureau grant the Legends permission to continue swashbuckling their way through history. In private Rip and the rescued agent discuss the Legends potential usefulness in defeating Mollus a threat that they may have unwittingly caused. Stein agrees to stay aboard the Waverider as to not deprive Jax the live that he forced upon him.

Legends of Tomorrow is always more enjoyable when it embraces the crazy, its essentially a stupider and slightly worse Doctor Who with a bigger cast, superheroes, and ironically a former companion as the head of a Time Bureau. The good news is with the anachronism plot device the show has a new excuse to jump all throughout time and do all kinds of wacky things, and who cares what people see because we’ve got some Men In Black style neuralyzers to make people forget whatever we need them to. The only real problem I had with the episode was how quickly things seemed to get fixed but it was partially because of the quick introduction of the Bureau and partially because of the huge time jump. I am however cautious about how the Time Bureau will be used going forward and if they will act as more of a guiding hand or just straight up party crashers.

The scenes of the Legends individual lives and the dawning on them of how much they suck was a humorous and refreshing change of pace, the set up for Steins arc as a torn family man with a sense of duty towards Jax was great, and I enjoyed watching Sara get her confidence back as the leader of the Legends.

Its rather funny that after suggesting in my review of The Flash that the Wally West character feels underutilized and in the way that he pops up in the episode, surely a speedster would be invaluable to the Legends!

To the best of my knowledge, Mollus (the person Rip and his agent mention) is not a character from the comics and could possibly be an original character or just a very obscure one.

Rightfully so the image Ray uses in the Upswipz dating profile with the name Gideon is actually the actress who voices the artificial intelligence, Amy Pemberton.

Overall a fun first episode, a nice amount of humor, the Time Masters replaced, the groups new goal reestablished, and a small tease of things to come, 7/10.

Catch the next episode on The CW Tuesday October 17th in the US, and the day after in Australia. Watch the trailer for next weeks episode here: