Gambit Movie

Gambit Movie Finally Gets Rollin’

Finally after an incredible amount of behind the scenes drama Channing Tatum’s long announced Gambit movie is looking to get going. Director Gore Verbinski is now lined up to helm the project, which Simon Kinberg (as with all prior Fox X-Men movies) will co-produce alongside Tatum and Reid Carolin, Joshua Zetumer of RoboCop and Patriots Day has written a script but its unclear how much of his draft will be used.

The production titled ‘Chess’ has (publicly) suffered the loss of two directors in Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt, undergone at least one complete rewrite, and reportedly after a dispute between the production team (including Tatum) and the studio about budget, the project almost lost its lead.

Luckily everything has been settled and we should finally get to hear Tatum try his hand at the Ragin’ Cajun’s accent. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any confirmation if Lea Seydoux is still attached to the project, she was originally thought to be playing Bella Donna Boudreaux, a fellow thief and romantic interest whom Gambit endured a Romeo and Juliet type arc with.

The release date does play into the theory that we will still get to experience the tragic love story between the rival Guild members regardless of Seydoux’s involvement or not, because its set for Valentine’s 2019.

With the release date now set for February 14 2019, production is expected to begin early 2018.