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‘Arrow’ Season 6 Episode 2 Tribute Review

Last nights episode of Arrow which featured Anatoli Knyazev, for hopefully the first of many times this season, was all around pretty enjoyable for several reasons.

We got actor David Nykl back, whom I’ve enjoyed watching onscreen since I was introduced to him through Stargate SG-1. His character Anatoli been a welcome addition to the show, during which time he has been both friend and foe to Oliver, although a lot more the latter as of late. The character is generally pretty well written, brings a unique perspective, and has understandable motivations and goals of his own that aren’t always clear to Oliver or the audience making him entertainingly unpredictable at times, but as he reminds us in this episode hes both a man of his word, and a man of honor.

Felicity and Curtis have finally decided to use their brains for something other than quips (and their vigilante evening jobs) by deciding to become business partners in a new venture. Its always nice to see the characters have some kind of a normal life and do something outside of fighting the bad guys, if nothing else it helps people relate to them. You do sometimes wonder where they get all the money from to fund their fancy technology and equipment, its not like they’re Bruce Wayne or anything.

Oliver following through, stepping up, and committing to become the father that he thinks William deserves is great. Unfortunately it was seeming that Oliver was burning his bridges with William as fast as he could build them up until he put his plan into action in the last moments of the episode. Oliver has always been able to make the hard choices as long as he believed they were the right ones, while I’m fairly certain in the long run it will end up having been the wrong one, for now and for William its a good choice.

A legitimate reason was given for Diggle’s inability to aim or fire a gun, and why he was being so quiet about it. With his taking on the mantle of the Green Arrow we get an idea of where his character arc is going. If he wasn’t capable of functioning in the field as a member of the team, is he going to be able to lead it? Additionally this new development reminded me that during an episode of Legends of Tomorrow the team visited a future where Diggle’s son inhabited the role of Green Arrow after his fathers died and Oliver was physically incapable. Could this all be leading towards the end of John Diggle who has for quite some time been a redundant character?

Finally, Rene was granted some good moments and screen time outside of his new suit (which I still hate).

To the best of my recollection we had no flashbacks, the fight choreography was much better, Quentin wasn’t drinking, and a whole mess of other done to death things didn’t happen in this episode 8/10!

Catch the next episode on The CW Thursday October 26th in the US, and a day later in Australia. Watch the trailer for next weeks episode here: