Arrow Season 6 Episode 1

‘Arrow’ Season 6 Episode 1 Review

While last nights season 6 premier was executed adequately for a normal episode, that is outside of the poorly choreographed fight scene on the bridge that saw Wild Dog literally walk backwards up a ramp and fall over a railing, making the sequence feel even more far fetched than normal, I found myself rather puzzled when the credits rolled because it felt like deja vu.

Yes a show will have an identity and a lot of the time a formula that it sticks too, but how many times can the same police station be attacked, or can we see someone breaking into the (not so) secret base with a group of mercenaries who would also now know its location, its probably on the Star City tourist map at this point. A few other tricks thrown into the episode that we’ve seen time and again include, this person is dead (Black Canary and Thea this time) ha ha only joking, the tease of a faceless villain or benefactor, six months later, great more flashbacks, Quentin struggling with alcohol because of a daughter related issue, Felicity and Curtis tech duo quips, Oliver revealed as the Green Arrow, and what would Arrow be without Oliver having to deal with the repercussions of another woman from his life being killed.

For an episode titled ‘Fallout’ there didn’t seem to be many repercussions considering where we left off last season, with every main character except Oliver on an island that exploded. Hey at least Wild Dog got a new armored suit that sort of maybe protects him a little bit, Diggle developed an inability to use guns because character arc, Slade and Oliver are bros again even though Slade killed his mother, and Olicity is a thing again.

If you’ve wholeheartedly loved Arrow up until now then this is a premier for you, however if like me you wanted to see something new from the sixth season well lets keep on hoping it comes next week 6.5/10.

Catch the next episode on The CW Thursday October 19th in the US, and the day after in Australia. Watch the trailer for next weeks episode here: